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Product History

In May of 2009, while living in a small apartment in Washington D.C, Kevin and Katie adopted, Sorrell, a Holland Lop rabbit from an Amish farm in St. Mary’s County, Maryland. Katie, who was always chilly on rainy spring days, would enjoy the warmth and coziness of Sorrell’s fur coat as the Holland Lop sat on her lap. Wouldn’t it be nice to wrap a warm blanket around us that is as soft as a bunny?

Sorrell’s soft fur appropriately became the inspiration behind the Bunny Blanket. Kevin, a recent Harvard Business School graduate with experience in textiles and chemistry sprung into action and used the softness of their bunny as a benchmark for a new material that would equal the soft and warm qualities of Sorrell’s fur. (Don’t worry; no bunnies were harmed in this process!) Later that year, in the winter of 2010, when Katie and Kevin were expecting their first baby, Kevin would need to speed up the blanket design so that Katie would have a uniquely soft and warm Bunny Blanket ready for their first newborn.

Following an exhaustive back-and-forth development of chemistry and manufacturing process, the most “bunny-like” material was produced, tested, and declared to be the softest blanket possible. With his soon-to-be daughter in mind, Kevin finished the design by adding the lovable bunny face and long floppy colorful ears to a draw-string bag which made their blanket fun and ideal for storage and transport. Kevin, Katie, Sorrell and now baby Emilia live in Vienna, Virginia.